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This is a small museum, privately owned, and located in the village of Ancares Piornedo, 1200 m. altitude, where we intend to show the lifestyle and the traditional houses of the area: the so called pallozas (thatched dwellings).

In the museum we can see tools and equipment which were used by the family, but even more important is the building itself - the palloza, which was the main living-quarters of the owners right up to 1970. The pallozas are circular stone structures with a conical roof of rye straw. They are of pre-Roman origin (the way they are built and the materials used are similar to those used for over 20 centuries). They are adapted to the needs of their inhabitants and the environment and maintain a constant indoor temperature, being distributed according to need.

In 2007 the palloza - museum Casa do Sesto won recognition from the Xunta de Galicia as a site to be visited for its collection of ethnographic content. (Under the provisions of Law 8 / 95 of Galicia's cultural heritage, supported by the Council of Gallegan Culture and the Viladonga Castro Museum.)

Palloza-museo Casa do Sesto, Piornedo, Cervantes, Ancares, Lugo, Galiza, España